Peter David Returns to Classic Hulk Run with ‘Joe Fixit’ Mini-Series

Fans of Peter David’s extensive run on the Incredible Hulk will get to revisit another Hulk persona that he created in 2023’s Joe Fixit mini-series.

David will be joined by artist Yildiray Cinar on the Fixit series, which stars the gray, Vegas gangster version of Bruce Banner.

David explains that “When I created Joe Fixit decades ago, it was merely as a means to shake up the standard formula. Typically Bruce would have set up some sort of situation and he would be worried that the Hulk would inevitably show up and screw things up. The storyline with Joe flipped the formula on its head, and set up the Hulk with his great situation in Vegas and he was worried that Bruce would show up to screw things up. I had no idea that the character would have this much staying power, and that so much would eventually be done with him in the pages of the Immortal Hulk. I’m thrilled that Marvel has given me this opportunity to revisit with an old friend.”

David just wrapped up three limited series based on his and George Perez’s Future Imperfect creation, the dastardly Maestro, this summer.

It is unclear at this time if the Joe Fixit series will fit into the continuity of David’s original time on Incredible Hulk, the same way that many of Marvel’s recent throw-back series such as David’s Symbiote SpiderMan or the X-Men Legends anthology have.

Check out the teaser cover by Cully Hammer and Jordie Bellaire below and keep checking with Conskipper for more updates on the Joe Fixit series.

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