Pat Mills’ ‘Spacewarp: Punx Edition’ Smashes Into Stores This Summer

Pat Mills’ Sci-Fi comic anthology Spacewarp has always had a punk rock sensibility, so why not put a special edition that leans into the style that launched many of Mills classic comic stories?

This summer, fans will be able to pick up a copy of Space Warp: Punx Edition at comic shops and from newsagents (in the UK) at the end of July/August (and the issue is currently available for pre-order from Get My Comics or the SHIFT store along with a free Punx Edition print).

The new edition comes with a brand new cover featuring Dada Derda, The Retaliator, and a new one-page color comic strip featuring Dada in full Retaliator mode, and a full color fan art page and a back cover Jurassic Punx poster.

Space Warp: Punx Edition costs £4.99 (roughly $7 in the States).

Stay tuned to Conskipper for where you may be able to pick up the Punx Edition in the US (the standard edition is still available from Amazon), and if you want to know more about the project, check out our interview with Mills on the subject.

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