Ominous Press Celebrates 25th Anniversary with New Art Book

If Ominous Press is known for anything, it is for their vibrant, bombastic brand of artwork by the likes Bart Sears, Andy Smith, Tom Raney, and a whos who of industry legends.

Bart Sears goal when he founded the company was to produce “relentless, powerful comics” and their new art collection, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Ominous Press, certainly proves it. The Art of Ominous Press hardcover contains more than 330 pages, compiling the best art from the history Ominous Press, and is currently available for a limited time via their latest Indiegogo campaign.

Sears proudly remembers the beginnings of Ominous Press, stating that “What started out as characters and stories in my daydreams has been made real by an array of artists I can hardly imagine, including legends like Neal Adams and Jim Starlin.”

The Art of Ominous Press contains artwork from the very beginning of the company to present day, with selections by Sears, Smith, Raney, Adams, Starlin, Kenneth Rocafort, Kelley Jones, Kevin Maguire, Cully Hamner, Aaron Lopresti, Mike McKone, Darryl Banks, Bob Layton, Jerry Ordway, Rick Leonardi, Joe Phillips, Jeff Johnson, Rachel Stott, and many more.

Besides The Art of Ominous Press, the current indiegogo campaign also offers a number of Ominous Press publications, hardcovers, variants, prints, and apparel at discount prices.

Check out the art sample below and stick with Conskipper for all of your comic art news.

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