Marvel’s New Ultimate Line Restarts in 2024 with Spider-Man, Black Panther, and X-Men Series

Following shortly after Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Invasion mini-series and November’s Ultimate Universe one-shot (also by Hickman and Stefano Caselli), Marvel Comics new Ultimate Comics line will be firmly established with three new monthly titles starring Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the X-Men in 2024.

Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s Ultimate Spider-Man is first out of the gate on January 10, with Hickman teasing the identity of the man in the spider-suit by stating Ultimate Spider-Man is a book I never thought I’d be writing. It’s a bit of a Peter B. Parker situation…”

Bryan Hill and Stefano Caselli’s Ultimate Black Panther arrives on February 7 2/7 and Hill said “I was invigorated by this opportunity because in addition to my immense respect for Jonathan Hickman’s detailed storytelling, the idea of shepherding this bold new take on Black Panther in this event gives me a platform to do the kind of broad, epic, storytelling I’ve always wanted to do in comics.”

Hill also revealed that his influences on the series come from the world of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther films as well as Frank Herbert’s expansive Dune series.

Peach Momoko’s Ultimate X-Men crashes the Ultimate party on March 6 with a brand new member of the team created by the noted artist/writer.

Momoko said “I am also very proud (and surprised) that I was given enough freedom from C.B. Cebulski and Jonathan Hickman to create a brand-new X-Men character. It might not be the normal portrayal of a super hero…but I am excited to introduce everyone to a new chapter to my Momoko-verse.”

Look for Ultimate Universe #1 on November 1 to whet your appetite for more Ultimate comic in your future, and check out all of the covers below.

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