New Batwoman Makes Her Debut in ‘Batgirl’ #50

Batgirl #50 may bring the Barbara Gordon series to an end, but it also opens the door for a young hero to assume the cape and cowl.

Ryan Wilder will soon make her live action debut on The CW’s Batwoman, but TV’s version will be beaten to the punch by her comic book counterpart in Batgirl #50.

According to the official DC Press release, “Wilder comes out kicking—figuratively—as she let’s Barbara know exactly what she thinks of her boss, Congresswoman Alejo. It’s a powerful moment reminding us that even though Batgirl may be stepping out of the spotlight for a while, there are plenty of would-be heroes more than ready to meet this moment standing in the wings.”

The extra-sized Batgirl #50 by Cecil Castellucci, Emanuela Lupacchino, Marguerite Sauvage and Aneke will be released on Tuesday, October 27 (in both comic shops and digitally).

Check out the beautiful cover below and get ready for a new era for Batgirl.

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