‘Mighty Marvel Calendar Book: A Visual History’ Collects All Original Bronze Age Calendar Art

Abrams and Marvel continue their archival editions with another lost relic from Marvel’s Bronze Age, the Mighty Marvel Calendar Book: A Visual History.

The new collection includes the full set of Marvel calendars (published from 1975 to 1981), in a deluxe oversize edition, with another introduction by Roy Thomas and commentary throughout the collection by Chris Ryall.

The now highly-collectible (and valuable) calendars featured original artwork by Jack Kirby, John Buscema, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Walter Simonson, Gil Kane, George Perez, Gene Colan, Jim Starlin, Sal Buscema, Mike Ploog, and others, with specific themes such as the Bicentennial (1976) or spotlights on specific character such as Spider-Man (1978), Hulk (1979), or Doctor Strange (1980).

Along with the original art, the calendars included birthdays of Marvel staff and creators, key moments in Marvel history, and famous quotes, all of which are included in the new book.

Alex Ross said “These calendars showcase some of the greatest artwork ever done in comics. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this book.”

Each piece of art and calendar page has been reproduced in their original size for the oversized hardcover collection.

Look for the Mighty Marvel Calendar Book: A Visual History at your local comic shop or book store in December 2023.

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