Matt Wagner Expands on ‘Grendel: Devil by the Deed’ in New Master’s Edition

Matt Wagner revisits and expands upon his original “Devil by the Deed” story in the upcoming Grendel: Devil by the Deed—Master’s Edition.

Wagner’s expansion adds 84 pages of new story content, nearly three times as long as the original Grendel story. Wagner will be joined by colorist Brennan Wagner and letter Dave Lanphear to fully complete Hunter Rose’s origin story.

Looking back on the original, Wagner was surprised “…that the original Grendel storyline, which spawned so many incarnations of the character and a forty year narrative history was, in fact, only 37 pages long. So it was incredibly exciting for me to return to one of my first and most influential stories after so many years…recapturing the style and substance of the original Devil By The Deed but through the eyes and skills of a much more seasoned creator.  Hunter Rose has always held a special dark spot in my creative soul and I’m thrilled that Dark Horse continues to be such an enthusiastic partner for all things Grendle!

The Grendel: Devil by the Deed—Master’s Edition will be available in a standard hardcover edition and a limited edition that includes a slipcase and a signed tip-in sheet.

Look for both editions, appropriately enough, on October 31 at your favorite book store or comic shop.

If you are new to Grendel, Dark Horse Comics recently reissued the original tales in a series of omnibus editions that are still available at your local comic shop.

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