Mark Millar’s Upcoming ‘Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem’ Series Will Tie Directly Into New Netflix Adaptation

Mark Millar returns to the world of Jupiter’s Legacy (along with artist Tommy Lee Edwards) for a sequel miniseries titled Requiem this June and it will tie directly into Netflix’s adaptation (scheduled for May 7).

In the new series, the world’s superheroes are working together with humanity in the attempt to form a perfect world. As things usually go in these situations, not everything is a rosy as it seems, and the plot will further illuminate aspects of the Netflix version’s mysterious island.

Out of the many creator owned projects that Millar has worked on “Jupiter’s is my own personal favorite project out of everything I’ve ever done. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to write in a single superhero project and these ideas have been building for years in me.” Millar was joined by artists Wilfredo Torres (volumes one and two, originally titled Jupiter’s Circle) and Frank Quietly (volumes three and four) on the previous installments of the comic series.

All four volumes of Image Comics’ Jupiter’s Legacy are currently available at finer comic shops everywhere.

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