Joe Hill’s ‘Wolverton Station’ to be Adapted as ‘Creepshow’ One-Shot

Noted horror author and Creepshow alum Joe Hill is joined by Jason Ciaramella and Michael Walsh for a special issue of Skybound’s Creepshow comic adapting his short story by the name of “Wolverton Station”.

The one shot will arrive on March 27, 2024 and Hill said “I’m always glad to renew my acquaintance with The Creep and reconnect with the gleeful gross-outs that are the hallmark of Creepshow in all its manifestations, from film to TV to comics. I wrote “Wolverton Station” over a decade ago, working longhand while I traveled the UK by train for a book tour, and right from the start I knew I was writing a Creepshow kind of thing.”

Hill summarized his story by stating “It’s the story of a cut-throat dealmaker, someone who thinks of himself as quite a wolf, running afoul of creatures whose fangs are in no way metaphorical. At its dark heart, it’s a fairy tale — not one of the modern fairy tales, the sort safely sanitized by Disney for mass consumption, but the older kind of fable, the sort with teeth. That kind of story is The Creep’s stock-and-trade and so it feels exactly right that the story should be adapted for Creepshow‘s pestilent pages.” 

Ciaramella said “If I had to pick a favorite genre, the mashup of horror and comedy (Is there a name for this? Horromedy? Comorror?) would almost certainly be at the top of my list. So, obviously, Creepshow has been something I’ve loved for basically my entire life.”

Walsh has “…been a fan of Joe and Jason’s work for a long time, so to say I was excited to collaborate would be an understatement. Drawing a terrifying tale tinged with black comedy is right up my alley, and getting to work with editor Alex Antone again has been a dream.  I can’t wait for all the horror fans out there to get a bloody taste of what we’ve been brewing up.” 

Creepshow: Joe Hill’s Wolverton Station will be available with a cover by Walsh and two variant covers by Gabriel Rodriguez and Maria Wolf (whose cover is an incentive 1:10 variant). 

Check out the gruesome covers below and while you’re at it, check out a flashback interview with Hill right here.

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