Jessica Jones Meets Jessica Jones in Gail Simone and Phil Noto’s New Mini-Series ‘The Variants’

Far be it from Jessica Jones to be left out of a multiversal adventure where she gets to meet different versions of herself!

Gail Simone and Phil Noto launch Jessica into this complex scenario in their upcoming The Variants five issue mini-series this June when the hard-living P.I. takes on a seemingly routine case, which becomes far from routine (even for her).

Simone has armed herself with all of the knowledge about Jessica Jones that she needs for the new series, informing readers that , “First, let me get this out…when Tom Brevoort offered me this project, I went and re-read all the Jessica stories, from the classic, groundbreaking [Brian Michael] Bendis stories to the more recent and fantastically good Kelly Thompson stories (that you definitely should read!), and they’re just exciting, compelling reads. There isn’t another comics character like her. That was immensely exciting. But even apart from that, it’s being drawn by the impossibly brilliant Phil Noto, a bucket-list artist for me. Even the COVERS are mind-melting. So this is a joy from start to finish. Incredible. Hope people love it!”

Check out the initial artwork by Noto below, and look for issue one in stores this June.

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