Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta Head Down ‘Phantom Road’ in New Series

Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Hernández Walta reunite for a brand new Image Comics horror/fantasy series, Phantom Road, in March.

Lemire and Walta previously collaborated on the sci-fi series Sentient in 2018 (from TKO Studios), and after the experience, the writer “…knew he was a collaborator I needed to do more with. We began talking about a big creator-owned series at Image. Something massive in scope like all the books we loved when we were getting into comics. Something with the scope of Preacher and Sandman and The Walking Dead. We began putting ideas together and Phantom Road is the result. A sprawling mash-up of sci-fi, horror and character driven road movie. We can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Walta called the opportunity “a gift” and “…something I’ve been wanting to do for many years”.

Phantom Road begins when a truck driver named Dom stops to help a woman involved in a massive car crash, with stranger results than expected.

Look for Phantom Road #1 in stores this March and be sure to check out Walta’s cover below.

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