Jason Aaron and John Timms Launch ‘Superman Superstars’ with ‘I, Bizarro’ Storyline

DC Comics plans to team-up superstar creators for its “Superman Superstars” initiative in 2024, starting with Jason Aaron and John Timms’ Action Comics storyline “I, Bizarro” in January.

Aaron makes his Superman debut after many years at Marvel Comics on January 9, 2024 in Action Comics #1061. The prolific writer is excited for the opportunity and said “I’ve been writing comics for almost 20 years, and I’ve certainly enjoyed my share of special moments and exciting projects along the way, but getting to write Superman for the very first time, in the pages of Action Comics no less, the one that started it all, goes down as one of the absolute most significant honors of my career. So the amazing John Timms and I are doing our very best to give readers a Superman tale full of action and surprises, the most Bizarro of all Bizarro stories, in what Bizarro himself would call the worst Bizarro story ever told’!”

“Superman Superstars” second team will consist of Joshua Williamson and Rafa Sandoval, beginning with April’s Action Comics #1064, bringing Brainiac back to the DC Universe. The return of Brainiac will also cross over into Williamson’s Superman series as well.

Williamson said “We’ve been building to Brainiac’s epic return since Superman #1 and the start of Dawn of DC. This crossover will have massive ramifications not just for Superman but across all of the DC Universe. Plus, it’s a fun roller coaster ride with Superman, Lex Luthor, Lobo, Supergirl, and the Super-Family up against Brainiac and a Czarnian army. It’s going to be full of surprises, new ideas, and the same kind of tone that we’re presenting in the Superman series. I’m pumped to be working with Rafa again, and the pages have been bonkers. It’s everything I love about Superman and his mythology but turned up to 11.” 

DC plans to continue the “Superman Superstars” initiative throughout 2024 with more creative team announcements coming soon.

Check out one of the previews covers for Action Comics #1061 and sample artwork from Action Comics #1064 below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your DC Comics news.

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