‘Iron Man: Return of Tony Stark’ Epic Collection Brings Original Shell-Head Back

The latest Iron Man Epic Collection focuses on Tony Stark’s return in 1993, including some rare anthology stories.

Return of Tony Stark includes only a few issues of the title series (Iron Man #290-297), instead focusing on other appearances by Tony and Rhodey in Iron Man Annual #14 and the stand-alone stories in Marvel Super Heroes #2, 8-9, 12-15, and the Iron Manual guidebook.

The gist of the collection’s storyline is the focus on Tony “returning from the dead” and how Rhodey handles the return of his friend and his reduced role in the armor, while at the same time teaming up together to face the Controller, the Technovore, M.O.D.A.M. and Omega Red.

The collection also celebrates Iron Man’s 30th Anniversary and the rare first appearance of Squirrel Girl!

Creators included in The Return of Tony Stark consist of Len Kaminski, Christopher Priest (writing as Jim Owsley), Bob Denatale, Will Murray, Steve Ditko, Kevin Hopgood, Tom Morgan, Greg LaRocque, Larry Alexander, Steve Mitchell, Fred Fredericks, Vince Colletta, and Chris Ivy.

The 488 page Epic Collection comes with a suggested retail price of $44.99, and will be available at your local comic shop on November 23.

Check out the iron-blasting cover by Hopgood below, and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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