Image Comics Reveals Exclusive Comics for November’s Local Comic Shop Day 2020

Local businesses have had a difficult year in the face of the pandemic, and Image Comics is doing their part by participating in ComicsPro’s Local Comic Shop Day 2020 this year (to be held on Wednesday, November 25) with four exclusive variant covers.

The variants will include a special Green Eggs & Ham homage variant of Ice Cream Man #20 by W. Maxwell Prince & Martín Morazzo, a gold foil edition of Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s Invincible #1, another gold foil edition of Monstress: Talk Stories #1 by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda, and a comic shop New York City skyline variant of Spawn #312 by Todd McFarlane.

Publisher & Chief Creative Officer at Image Comics, Eric Stephenson stressed the importance of the direct comic book market for their company as well as all other publishers. Stephenson stated that “Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino, and all of the amazing creators we work for and with are proud to be part of a marketplace that is both fiercely independent and resoundingly resilient, and this year, with stores everywhere still recovering from the effect a worldwide pandemic has had on their businesses, it’s more important than ever to give our retailer partners a lift in whatever way possible. None of us would be able to do what we do without the support of comics shops, and by continuing to participate in annual events like Local Comic Shop Day, especially with Todd’s retailer appreciation variant for Spawn #312, we hope it’s clear that Image Comics supports them as well.”

Local Comic Shop Day is sponsored by ComicsPRO – the Trade Organization for comic book stores. ComicsPRO is a volunteer, non-profit organization whose goals are “…to help to develop better marketing and daily business practices for comic book retailers, to improve the condition of their industry by educating the public about comic books in general, and to provide a voice for independent comic book retailers.”

Check out to find which stores in your area are participating on Wednesday, November 25 and always support your local comic shops.

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