HBO Max’s ‘The Batman’ Streaming Debut Attracts 4.1 Million Viewers

Matt Reeve’s The Batman not only made a Bruce Wayne-sized fortune in theaters, but it appears that it is also doing very well in the streaming universe.

The Batman’s seven day viewership numbers amounted to 4.1 million views, beating out the first seven days for The Suicide Squad ($3.5 million), Wonder Woman 1984 (3.2 million), The Matrix Resurrections (3.2 million), and Dune (2.3 million). Surprisingly, the only film that was viewed more was the recent Mortal Kombat film, which attracted 4.3 million viewers during the height of the pandemic.

Aside from The Batman, all of the other films on the above list fell under Warner Bros. “same day theatrical day-and-date” experiment from 2021, which is sure to make theater owners happy.

And don’t tell the fervent “Snyder-verse” contingent, but The Batman‘s first week beat Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s numbers by a very healthy margin (which drew a paltry by comparison 2.2 million viewers).

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