Gold Key Comics Returns With ‘Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries’ Kickstarter Campaign

Long-time comic book readers are sure to recognize the classic Gold Key Comics logo, and thankfully the symbol will return on the cover of a brand new Gold Key Comic for the first time in decades in the form of the Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries Kickstarter project.

Gold Key Entertainment LLC. (Lance Linderman, Adam Brooks, Mike Dynes, and Arnold Guerrero) bring back one of Gold Key’s horror staples with collection of brand new stories by some notable creators such as Johnny Dombrowski, Michael W. Conrad, Steve Orlando, Artyom Trakhanov, Kelly Williams, Jok, Sergey Nazarov, and Craig Hurd-McKenney.

While the comic will eventually make it to comic shops around the country as an ongoing title, the Kickstarter campaign allows readers to get in on the ground floor with a trade paperback and an exclusive limited hardcover edition that will include behind-the-scenes content, production art, and more (which, according to the Kickstarter landing page, will never be available in this format again).

As a bonus, every supporter will be awarded membership in the “Gold Key Club”, which will give backers exclusive benefits and privileges including discounts on Gold Key merchandise, early access to news and announcements, the first chance to purchase select new Gold Key exclusives, and more. The names of early backers will also be memorialized in the Kickstarter Preview Edition of Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries.

Be sure to stay tuned to Conskipper for more information about Boris Karloff’s Gold Key Mysteries and future Gold Key projects.

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