Massive Galactus Funko Pop Previews Exclusive Figure Gets a Vintage Black Light Paint job

Galactus is certainly known as one of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s trippiest creations, and you will soon be able to get a Previews Exclusive psychedelic version of the World Eater of your very own.

The new 10″ Black Light Funko Pop Bobble-head figure is modeled after the original Funko version that was released in conjunction with the rest of Funko’s Fantastic Four Bobble-head line (and the original can still be found from online retailers and at your local comic shop). The new version of the Jumbo Galactus Pop figure (along with a mini-Silver Surfer) is now available with the same type of groovy black light paint application that graced Marvel’s original Black Light posters from 1971 (and if you are interested in seeing those vintage posters, check out this upcoming celebration of them right here).

There is (of course) a limited edition Chase variant that portrays Galactus as a much brighter Lifebringer (with the Fallen One/Black Surfer) based on Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort’s 2015 Ultimates comic that flipped the script on Galactus’ need to feed and instead made him a creator of worlds.  

The black light variant is currently available for pre-orders for a number of online toy and comic shops and be sure to ask your local comic store if they can get it for you as well.

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