‘G.I. Joe The Movie’ Finally Gets a Theatrical Release this June

Top Gun: Maverick isn’t the only 80s nostalgia at your local cineplex this summer; the original G.I. Joe movie finally gets the silver screen treatment for its 35th Anniversary on June 23 and 25!

The latest Fathom Event brings G.I. Joe The Movie to the big screen for the first time as the Joes face a new enemy in the form of an ancient society of snake people, the Cobra-La (not to be confused with their traditional enemy, of course). Golobulus (the leader of the ancient sect) enlists Cobra Commander and the rest of his modern day evil organization to steal the Joe’s BET (Broadcast Energy Transmitter), which will enable the Cobra-La to eliminate all sentient life on earth.

G.I. Joe The Movie was originally released to home video in 1987 and was later broken up into a five-part mini-series as part of the syndication package for the original animated series.

In subsequent years, Rhino released the film on DVD in 2000 and Shout! Factory released a remastered special edition DVD and Blu-ray in 2010.

Check Fathom Events G.I. Joe listing to see if the film is playing in your area.

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