Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips Bring New Noir Story ‘Night Fever’ to Stores in June 2023

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips continue their string of noir hits with Image Comics Night Fever original graphic novel in June 2023.

Night Fever is described as a Jekyll-and-Hyde story of a man named Jonathan Webb, who finds himself in an unfamiliar environment, with a friend of questionable morals, who puts Webb into a dangerous, compromising situation.

Brubaker says that Night Fever was “Inspired partly by old Black Lizard noir novels and weird and sexy European comics from the 70s, this book is a dark trip into what being alive right now feels like, but hopefully a thrilling one for our readers, too. I know it’s the best art of Sean’s entire career, which feels almost unbelievable. But it’s true.”

Look for Night Fever at your favorite comic book shop on June 14 and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your comic and film noir news.

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