‘Deadpool: The Circle Chase’ Epic Collection Contains all of the Original Deadpool Adventures

Deadpool finally enters the popular Epic Collection series with a compendium of his first appearances in the Marvel Universe.

The Deadpool: The Circle Chase Epic Collection contains his highly sought-after (and expensive) first appearance in New Mutants (#98) and X-Force (#2, 11, 15) as well as his first solo mini-series from 1993, aptly titled The Circle Chase (#1-4). The Epic Collection also includes rare early appearances in Nomad #4, Secret Defenders #15-17, Avengers #366, Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #23, and his second solo mini-series in 1994’s Deadpool #1-4.

The Circle Chase contains work by Deadpool creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, as well as Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich, Mark Pacella, Greg Capullo, Pat Olliffe, Joe Madureira, Mark Waid, Ian Churchill, and more.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase retails for $44.99 for 472 pages of content. Look for the first of what will likely be many Deadpool Epic Collections at your local comic shops on December 14.

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