‘Deadpool: Mission Improbable’ Epic Collection Revamps Character into the Merc with a Mouth

Joe Kelly’s revamp of Deadpool, starting in his 1997 solo series, is the one that fans immediately recognize, although this wasn’t always the case.

Kelly, along with artist Ed McGuinness, transformed Wade Wilson from a generic X-Force villain into a wise-cracking, fourth-wall breaking maniac, starting in Deadpool #1-9, which form the basis for the brand new Deadpool: Mission Improbable Epic Collection.

Along with the start of Kelly’s run on the character, the Epic Collection also includes guest appearance from the same late 90s ear such as: Wolverine #88, X-Force #47 and 56, Deadpool #-1, Daredevil/Deadpool 1997 Annual, and his earlier appearance in Wolverine Annual #1995.

In addition to Kelly, the collection includes work from Larry Hama, Jeph Loeb, Chris Golden, Adam Kubert, Fabio Laguna, Adam Pollina, Kevin Lau, Pete Woods, Shannon Denton, John Fang, Aaron Lopresti, Rachel Dodson, Bernard Chang, Ben Herrera, Mark Farmer, Tim Townsend, Mark Pennington, Bud LaRosa, Mark Morales, Nathan Massengill, Norman Lee, Jon Holdredge, and Vince Russell.

Mission Improbable contains 448 pages for $39.99, with a cover by McGuinness (from Deadpool #2. Look for the Epic Collection at your local comic shop on October 26.

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