DC Fans Will Get More Yara Flor in ‘Wonder Girl’ Series This May

DC’s Future State version of Wonder Woman, Yara Flor, will rocket back to the past in the upcoming Wonder Girl series by writer/artist Joëlle Jones this May. Jones is returning to the character that she created in DC Future State: Wonder Woman, and she will fill in many of the blanks from the hit mini-series.

The new series takes place years before Future State, and pictures a younger version of Flor just beginning her heroic journey. According to the official DC announcement, ever since Flor was “Raised in the far-off land of Boise, Idaho, Yara has always felt something has been missing from her life—and now she is headed to Brazil to find it. Little does she know her arrival will set off a series of events that will change the world of Wonder Woman forever.”

And just in case you can’t wait until May 18, fans can catch a glimpse of the young Flor in DC Infinite Frontier #0 on March 2, which will set up at least the next year of storytelling in the DC Universe for all of the major players (and some minor ones as well).

Check out the black and white sketch cover by Jones below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your DC news.

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