DC Comics ‘The Next Batman: Second Son’ Continues to Expand on Tim Fox’s Story

John Ridley’s take on Tim Fox as The Next Batman has been one of the biggest success stories from DC Future State, and readers are about to learn a lot more about the character and his future in the current DC Universe.

The Next Batman: Second Son is a new miniseries (by Ridley and artists Tony Akins, Travel Foreman, and Mark Morales) launching in weekly digital installments beginning on February 23 with a collection of the first three digital chapters available as a print issue on April 6.   The miniseries will begin to answer questions about Tim’s estrangement from his father, Lucius Fox, and the rest of the Fox family and just how he became one of the few people to wear the cape and cowl of Batman.

Ridley will also contribute a Tim Fox short story to the revival of the Batman anthology Batman: Black and White #3 (on sale February 23) and a collection of Fox’s previous adventures and appearances in the Batman by John Ridley Deluxe Edition (due out on June 29) will collect Future State: The Next Batman issues #1-#4, in addition to stories from Batman: Black and White and “Family Ties,” from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1.  

Check out the cover to The Next Batman: Second Son #1 below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your comic news.

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