Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks: October 7, 2020

Welcome back to Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks for the week of October 7, 2020!

We are now in the throes of the fall season and the Halloween programming is beginning to roll out , providing a much needed distraction to the current state of affairs. And if you are looking for distractions, there is no better place to lose yourself than your local comic shop! This week we have some new story arcs, milestone issues, and a wide variety of comics that will provide any fan with some fall treats!

Batman #100 (DC Comics): “The Joker War” comes to a conclusion in Batman #100, with the Dark Knight and The Joker in a fight for the soul of Gotham City. While “The Joker War” may have been overshadowed in recent weeks by Batman Three Jokers, fans have been mostly pleased with James Tynion IV, Carlo Pagulayan, and Guillem March work on this event series. This issue contains a new villain known as Ghost-Maker and also features the first showdown between Batman and Clownhunter. If you have been keeping up with DC’s Batman line, this one is a can’t miss.

Star Wars #7 (Marvel Comics): Charles Soule and Ramon Rosanas continue to add to the narrative between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi with a new story arc titled “The Will of Tarkin”, bringing back the legacy of Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin. One of the best parts of Marvel’s expansion of the Star Wars cannon has been the introduction of new characters such as Commander Ellian Zahra, who takes center stage in this issue, tasked with hunting down the rebels. Even more intriguing is the connection (and grudge) that Zahra has to Princess Leia. Marvel’s Star Wars line has been one of their most consistent over the last five years, and this newly renumbered series is no exception.

Black Widow #2 (Marvel Comics): The new Black Widow series continues in issue two and Natasha Romanoff is enjoying her retirement from the super hero and spy game. Naturally, Natasha’s bliss won’t last, but this creative take on the characters by Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande (and another great cover by Adam Hughes) is one of the best stories to feature one of the original Marvel characters. Natasha has come a long way since her debut in 1964 (and have you ever taken a look at that original costume?) and the scripting and art by Thompson and Casagrande continue to elevate the character. Since you won’t be able to see Black Widow on the silver screen until May 2021, pick up this new series to whet your appetite. You won’t be disappointed.

Adventureman #4 (Image Comics): Matt Fraction and Terry and Rachel Dodson continue their fine examination of a pulp-era hero and modern day’s Claire Connell and her son Tommy. Expect all of the sharp dialogue and beautiful art from this creative team, as they weave a tale that captures the best from each time period. This is the type of story that anyone can enjoy and is a perfect comic to get people back into the medium. This is the four issue in the first story arc, and just in case you missed any of the previous issues, the collected trade paperback will be out in late November.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #15 (Marvel Comics): Saladin Ahmed continues his run on this high-profile title, along with artists Minkyu Jung and Juan Vlasco. This issue starts a new story arc (and crossover) for Kamala Khan when the anti-teen-hero task force, C.R.A.D.L.E., shows up to put an end to Ms. Marvel’s antics. For those who haven’t read Ms. Marvel since G. Willow Wilson, there is no better time than right now to start picking up this series. With all of the excitement over the recently announced Disney Plus series, this continues to be one of the premiere titles for readers of all ages.

That’s it for this week, so be sure to browse through all of the titles at your local comic shop this week!

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