Christopher Cantwell Concludes ‘Iron Man’ Run in ‘Iron Man #650’ in November

Christopher Cantwell wraps up his over two year run on Iron Man in November with an oversized celebration of the Golden Avenger’s 650th issue.

Iron Man #25 (non-legacy numbering) finds Tony Stark as the guest of honor at Iron Man Day in New York City, but Stark isn’t ready for all of accolades, especially when a crisis pops up that forces him into action.

Cantwell and Angel Unzueta provide the main story, with additional tales from Iron Man’s past by Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande (involving Thor and ole’ Shell Head in the frozen wastelands of Niffleheim) and Kurt Busiek and Ben Dewey (in an adventure featuring Madame Masque and the Radioactive Man).

Iron Man #650 (#25) will also provide a glimpse into what’s next for Stark (and the possible announcement of a new creative team).

Look for the anniversary issue in stores on November 16 and check out another dynamic Alex Ross cover below.

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