Chris Claremont and Edgar Salazar Celebrate Wolverine’s 50th Anniversary in ‘Wolverine: Madripoor Knights’ Mini-Series

Chris Claremont returns to his storyline from 1990’s Uncanny X-Men #268 in celebration of Logan’s 50th Anniversary.

Claremont will be joined by artist Edgar Salazar for a continuation of the Captain America, Wolverine, and Black Widow team-up in the wild streets of Madripoor this February in a new five issue limited series.

The reunion kicks off when a secret weapon brings Captain America to Madripoor which also interests a host of villains such as the red-cloaked ninjas known as The Hand.

Claremont said that it is “Hard to believe, Bub, I’ve known Logan for 50 years! And Natasha was in the first Marvel story I ever wrote. This trip back to Madripoor reveals hidden truths about two of my favorite characters on the adventure that shaped their lives.”

Look for the first issue at your local comic shop on February 7 with a Jim Lee homage cover by Philip Tan.

Check out Tan’s cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Marvel news.

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