‘Captain America By Jack Kirby Omnibus’ Available Again in March 2021

Jack Kirby fans who missed out on the original printing of his later work on Captain America will once again have a chance to own the hardcover volume in March of 2021.

The collection will once again contain Kirby’s third run on the star-spangled Avenger, consisting of Captain America #193-214, Captain America Annual #3-4, and the rare Treasury Edition stories from Captain America’s Bicentennial Battles.

The Omnibus represents Kirby’s 1976 return to Marvel (and the character he co-created with Joe Simon in 1941) as well as some real odd-ball adventures such as the famous “Madbomb” storyline. All stories also include The Falcon, continuing the partnership that began in 1971 with the addition of his name to the title (until 1979 when Sam Wilson left the co-starring comic behind), offering Kirby the chance to explore their friendship and social issues of the day.

The Captain America by Jack Kirby Omnibus will come in the standard “Madbomb” cover and a comic shop exclusive cover featuring the cover to issue #200 of the original comic.

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