Latest Epic Collection Asks the Question: ‘Captain America: Hero or Hoax?’

While every red-blooded Cap fan knows that Steve Rogers is no hoax, the early ’70s were a difficult time to be Captain America.

The new printing of the Captain America: Hero or Hoax Epic Collection (consisting of Captain America #139-158) sees Steve Rogers join New York’s finest, while also holding down the night shift as the Star-Spangled Avenger.

Cap and partner Sam Wilson, The Falcon, take on everyone from traditional adversaries such as Hydra and The Red Skull, to classic super villains such as Grey Gargoyle, Batroc, Mr. Hyde, The Scorpion, The Viper, and even the cosmic Stranger.

The real main event of this collection is the introduction of the first “false Cap and Bucky” from the 1950’s and Steve and Sam’s battle with the impostors and the court of public opinion.

Hero or Hoax includes the last Captain America stories by Stan Lee, before turning over the reins to Gary Friedrich, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, and Steve Gerber. Art is provided by John Romita, Sr., Gil Kane, Sal Buscema, Tony Mortellaro, George Roussos, Joe Sinnott, John Verpoorten, Jim Mooney, Vince Colletta, Frank Giacoia, and Frank McLaughlin. 

The Captain America: Hero or Hoax Epic Collection was originally published in 2018.

The second printing retails for $44.99 and will be available once again on August 10.

Check out the cover (from Captain America #155) by Sal Buscema below and be sure to come back to Conskipper for all of your classic comic news.

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