Captain America Goes Feral in ‘Capwolf & The Howling Commandos’ Mini-Series by Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Magno

Inspired by Mark Gruenwald and artist Rik Levins’ 1992 Cap-as-a-werewolf storyline, “Man and Wolf”, Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Magno dive back even further into Steve Rogers’ history, sharing the tale about the first time that Cap went feral in WWII.

The four-issue Cap Wolf and the Howling Commandos series explores Captain America’s terrifying transformation into a werewolf on a mission with Nick Fury and the original Howling Commandos that naturally involves Nazis, the occult, and an unhinged symbol of American freedom.

Phillips is excited to blend her “…love of historical fiction with the incredible history of the characters in the Marvel Universe. CapWolf and the Howling Commandos may be a war story, but it also has horror, romance, and a few new characters that we introduce along the way. And just wait until you see Carlos Magno’s incredible artwork on this series…”

Look for issue one in stores on October 11 with a cover by Ryan Brown and a number of variant covers to boot. Check out Brown’s and Gary Frank’s cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Captain America and werewolf news.

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