Buffalo Bill’s House from ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ Listed for Sale in Pennsylvania

This Halloween, the folks at Berkshire Hathaway are offering the ultimate collectible for The Silence of the Lambs fan who’s got everything. The group just listed a home in Perryopolis, PA which served as an important shooting location for the 1991 classic film. This house is not just any old house… it’s the on-screen home of the notorious serial killer Jame Gumb, also known as Buffalo Bill!

The group produced a promotional video to announce the listing, and the video shows off many rooms of the house where actor Ted Levine once conjured up one of the most memorable and menacing performances of all time.

As explained on the video, there’s no giant hole in the basement floor for prospective homeoners to worry about, but there are more than enough creepy corridors to grow all the death’s-head hawkmoths you’d like! And the 1.76 acre plot of land means no one will complain about how loud you’re blasting “Goodbye Horses” late at night…

The house is listed at $298,500 and it’s being marketed as a perfect Airbnb destination.

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