Bryan Edward Hill and Alberto Foche’s ‘Black Panther: Unconquered’ One-Shot Arrives in November

Bryan Edward Hill returns to Wakanda this November (and he is bringing Alberto Foche with him) to explore an ancient Wakandan threat in the Black Panther: Unconquered One-Shot.

Hill (of 2019’s Killmonger mini-series fame) and Foche expand on Wakanda’s mythology and culture, while placing T’Challa in a compromising situation. So compromising in fact that the Black Panther will have to commune with the Panther god, Bast, to find his way out of the trouble he gets in.

Hill says that “Black Panther and Wakanda mean so much to people. It’s an honor to contribute my imagination to the legacy of this character. I’m very grateful that I can only do comic projects that mean something to me personally, and returning to Marvel for this certainly does. Hopefully it speaks to longtime fans of the character while also onboarding new readers into his world. Shall I say it? Why not. Wakanda Forever! You’ll just have to imagine me crossing my arms.”

Look for the new special in stores on November 9, and check out Ken Lashley’s Jungle Action-style cover below.

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