‘Black Panther’ Digital Comics Currently Free on Comixology

In what appears to be an unannounced promotion and tribute to Chadwick Boseman, digital comic retailer Comixology has made over 250 issues of Marvel Comics Black Panther available for free downloads. Not only are single issues of Black Panther up for grabs, but any ancillary Wakanda-related titles are also available for free, such as the recent Shuri and Killmonger series.

The offerings include the earliest adventures of The Black Panther in Jack Kirby’s solo adventures from 1977, all the way up to Ta-Nehisi Coates on-going character-defining series from 2016.

The only series starring T’Challa that does not seem to be included in this promotion is Don McGregor’s Jungle Action title for 1973.

It is unclear when this unannounced promotion will end, so if you need to catch up on or start reading some classic and current Black Panther comics, the time is now!

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