‘Batman: The Joker War Zone’ One-Shot Expands on ‘The Joker War’ in September

The Joker War expands this September with the Batman: The Joker War Zone One-shot comic that features three stand-alone stories that highlight how the war is being fought in the streets of Gotham.

The five stories further examine the aftereffects of the Joker’s control of the Wayne fortune and also set up future storylines within and after The Joke War.

Writer Sam Johns (DC’s Crimes of Passion, Punchline) and artist Laura Braga (DC Bombshells, Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica) kick things off with the return of Poison Ivy to Gotham City (following the events of Batman #98), a character always ready to capitalize on a bad situation.

Batman: The Joker War architect James Tynion IV and artist James Stokoe showcase Gotham’s newest maniac, Clownhunter, in a tale that sets up the character for future adventures and trouble. Tynion pulls double duty with a second story with artist Guillem March that brings The Joker and Bane together.

Before John Ridley’s 2021 Batman miniseries takes the world be storm, the writer takes his first shot at the Batman mythos along with artist Olivier Coipel that bring the entire (Lucius) Fox family into the Joker War battle.

Last but not least, current Flash writer Joshua Williamson and artist David LaFuente take a break from the scarlet speedster to highlight Cassandra Cain (otherwise known as The Spoiler).

This 48-page one-shot will be available on Tuesday, September 29 at finer comic book shops everywhere.

If you missed the Conskipper review of the opening salvo in The Joker War, check it out right here, along with last week’s Batman: Three Jokers review.

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