Avengers Assemble to Prevent ‘Acts of Vengeance’ in New Epic Collection

The Avengers face a variety of new foes in the Acts of Vengeance Epic Collection, and also work with some long-time heroes to defeat the Assembly of Evil.

The Avengers: Acts of Vengeance Epic Collection includes The Avengers #304-318, Avengers Annual #18, and Avengers West Coast #53-55, featuring all of the Avengers-related “Acts of Vengeance” line-wide crossover from 1989.

“Acts of Vengeance” as an event pitted Marvel heroes against villains they never faced before (or rarely), hoping to create some new rivalries along the way. While the results were often mixed, it is one of the recognizable crossovers from the late 80s (especially with the ominous title and font across the top of each and every book involved).

Some of the said villains (even outside of the official event) include the Lava Men, U-Foes, Freedom Force (formerly the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants), Mandarin, the Mole Man, and Blastaar, the Living Bomb Burst.

Spider-Man also joins the Avengers for a five-part intergalactic adventure in issues #314-318, before heading back to Queens and the rest of the Five Boroughs.

The team in this era (1988-89) primarily consists of Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Vision, Sersi, Gilgamesh, Starfox, Quasar, and She-Hulk, with some brief appearances by Black Panther and Sub-Mariner.

Avengers Annual #18 focuses on a different crossover, “Atlantis Attacks”, and even though it is Part 8 of the storyline, there are other back-up stories that may seem less confusing, and also not dependent on the context of the larger event.

Marvel talent featured in the Epic Collection consists of John Byrne, Danny Fingeroth, Fabian Nicieza, Michael Higgins, Rich Buckler, Paul Ryan, Ron Wilson, Tom Palmer, Keith Williams, and Mike Gustovich

The Avengers: Acts of Vengeance Epic Collection weighs in with 496 pages for a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Look for the latest Avengers Epic Collection at your favorite local comic shop on March 29 and be sure to check out the cover by Byrne below.

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