Arrow Video’s ‘Django’, ‘Texas, Adios’ 4K UHD: The Conskipper Review

Arrow Video’s Limited Edition 4K UHD set of the Spaghetti Western classic, Django, is set to release on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021. Featuring a 4K UHD presentation of Django in Dolby Vision (which is also HDR10 compatible), a Blu-Ray disc with Texas, Adios, and a ton of extras for both films, it’s safe to say that this package is the ultimate collector’s item for any fan of actor Franco Nero’s work.

Grittier than The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but just as magnificent in terms of style and atmosphere, Django is a genre classic that holds up to multiple viewings. This 1966 classic is jam packed with a Spaghetti Western score and a theme song you’ll be humming in your head long after the final credits roll. Franco Nero’s Django is so “tough as nails,” he drags a coffin full of ammunition from town to town. Viewers can’t help but be entertained as Django gets caught up in a feud between southern racists and Mexican revolutionaries. It’s no wonder Quentin Tarantino would revive the “Django” name and include Nero in Django Unchained decades later! Texas, Adios also features Nero— this time as Burt Sullivan— in a film which was marketed in various parts of the world as the sequel to Django. While not quite as memorable as the main event, the genre action and swelling score make the film a fine second course.

The 4K UHD presentation of Django is well done. The film looks as good as it ever will, despite noticeable marks on the source film in some spots. Outdoor scenes look great, especially during scenes which take place in high noon, and the HDR treatment is tasteful. The reds of the title and credits lettering and on bandannas have a noticeable kick against the earthy tones of the surrounding dessert and blue skies. The detail of the transfer brings out the best of what was captured on film back in 1966. Texas, Adios doesn’t get the benefit of 4K UHD and HDR, but it is certainly a fine 1080p presentation. The picture is perfectly sharp and vivid throughout.

Like all Arrow releases, these discs are packed with brand new interviews and featurettes. There are simply hours of content which will illuminate one’s understanding of everything from the direction, to the performances, to the sound design, and more. Trailers and promotional images round out the digital end of the package.

What’s even better is that this is all housed in an elegant package that would be a crown jewel in anyone’s Spaghetti Western collection. The ultra thick slipcase houses a double-disc black case, six postcards, a fold-out poster, and a 60 page book with essays and original reviews. All of the paper stock is thick and finished beautifully, and it’s clear that Arrow put this together with a fine attention to detail. Django has never before been treated with more respect or reverence in a home video release.

If you love Django, you’re going to need this limited edition set in your collection. If you’ve seen some of the more popular Spaghetti Westerns and you want to expand your knowledge of other films which make the genre so enduring, you’re going to want to check this set out. It’s another fine 4K UHD release from Arrow Video, and an excellent example of the best of what the genre has to offer.

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