Arrow Video’s Limited Edition ‘Mallrats’ Blu-Ray: The Conskipper Review

Kevin Smith films revolutionized the world of home video during the DVD era with releases packed to the gills with introductions, bonus features, and more. Arrow Video takes the tradition several steps further with a lovingly comprehensive new limited edition Mallrats Blu-Ray set. Between the beautiful new restorations of the theatrical and extended cuts of the film, new special features, archival bonus material from previous home video editions, and a plethora of printed materials, there’s simply no better way to own Mallrats on your shelf.

As Smith explains in his brand new introduction to the film, Mallrats has stood the test of time and public opinion of the film only seems to grow as each new year rolls by. After 25 years, the jokes are still funny, the characters are still engaging, and the comic book culture which fuels it has now become more mainstream than ever before. The first (and possibly greatest) Stan Lee cameo in any cinematic universe is as hilarious and heartwarming as ever, and the film stands as a testament to both the bygone era of shopping malls and the overwhelming rise of pop culture fandom which would eventually be practiced in convention halls ten times the size of the malls which once held your friendly neighborhood comic shop.

Arrow Video makes this trip down memory lane a pleasure to behold with their quality restorations. The film is grounded in reality when the story needs it to be, but the bright and flashy colors of the mall pop in such a way that blends the world of gaudy consumerism with the adolescent marvel at the wonders of the comic book page. Even better, Arrow doesn’t just stop at the theatrical and extended cuts of the film. The set also includes a TV cut, where frantic producers did their best to cover up all of the vulgarities of the script with absurd substitutions.

Much of the new content features commentary by Kevin Smith himself, but viewers are also treated to a new interview with Jason Mewes and cinematographer David Klein. The stars of the film often throw in their two cents in archival footage from the set and prior anniversaries, so fans hoping to see more Mallrats content with Jason Lee, Claire Forlani, Shannen Doherty, Michael Rooker, Jeremy London, Joey Lauren Adams and Ben Affleck will likely have to wait until the sequel Smith plans to shoot next year.

As always, Arrow’s printed materials are top notch. The case is protected by a quality matte slipcover featuring new artwork. Inside the case is a reversible insert, a collectible booklet featuring the notorious Magic Eye design from the film, and a fold out poster of Silent Bob’s blueprints from the movie. This is a fun package to flip through like a favorite comic book.

Plain and simple: if you’re a Kevin Smith fan, you’re going to want to own this set. Arrow Video took this silly comedy seriously, and it shows.

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