Ann Nocenti and Paolo Villanelli send Captain Marvel into a ‘Dark Tempest’

Ann Nocenti and Paolo Villanelli continue the exploits of Captain Marvel in July’s five-issue mini-series called Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest.

Following on the heels of Kelly Thompson’s run, Nocenti and Paolo reintroduce a classic Captain Mar-vell villain and introduce a new cosmic threat, as Carol Danvers enlists the help of some angsty young heroes to combat both adversaries.

Nocenti said that she “…became curious about Carol Danvers during Kelly Sue DeConnick’s iconic run on the book, because of how great her work is, but also at how deft Kelly Sue is at drawing in and embracing female readers” and then “…read some of Kelly Thompson’s work on the book, and her stories are so much rollicking fun, I fell in love with Carol Danvers all over again. Captain Marvel is a sassy, funny, kick-ass hoot, and so much fun to write.”

Nocenti also praised the work of her collaborator on Dark Tempest, and said “Paolo Villanelli is a fabulous artist, he nails every panel, every scene, every issue. Literally, a dream artist to work with. Gorgeous art, plus together we are creating some new characters — a duet of villains and a team of heroes — and Paolo’s designs are so tender, ferocious and cool, he’s making it so easy to write this book. And we’re re-designing a great Jim Starlin legacy character!”

Check out the cover for issue one by Mike McKone below and look for it at your favorite comic shop on July 5.

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