Alan Moore Announces Five Novel Fantasy Epic ‘Long London’

Although Alan Moore swore off a return to comics in 2019, the seminal writer will once again turn his attention to prose with a new five volume fantasy series entitled Long London.

According to The Guardian, the eccentric author signed a six-figure deal with Bloomsbury for the new series as well as a new short story collection.

Long London will debut in 2024 and will encompass the “shell-shocked and unravelled” London of 1949 to “a version of London just beyond our knowledge”, encompassing murder, magic and madness.”

Moore is thrilled with the opportunity and says that he “…couldn’t be happier with the new home that I’ve found at Bloomsbury: a near-legendary independent publisher with a spectacular list and a fierce commitment to expanding the empire of the word. I have a feeling this will be a very productive partnership.”

Bloomsbury editor-in-chief Paul Baggaley called Moore “a legend” and is looking forward to publishing Long London.

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