The X-Men Dress to Impress for Hellfire Gala Fashion Variant Covers

This June, get ready for the most fashion-forward X-Men costumes you’ve ever seen at the inaugural Hellfire Gala!

The elaborate party wear will be featured on ten character design variant covers on each X-Men family title, starting on June 2 with Hellions #12, Marauders #21, and X-Force #20.

The fashionable outfits incorporate “…real-world high-fashion concepts with character history and even mutant abilities.” The Gala will also introduce the first Krakoan team of X-Men and set the stage for the next year of mutant stories, beginning in the one-shot, Planet-Size X-Men #1 (on June 16).  

Check out Steven Segovia’s Hellions #12 cover, Lucas Werneck’s X-Men #21 cover (June 9) and Bob Quinn’s Way of X #3 cover (June 23) below. Look for the rest of the X-Men cover variants throughout June.

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