‘Tron 3’ Could be Inching Closer to Reality

For many years, a sequel to Tron: Legacy has been nothing more than “virtual reality”, but it now appears that Tron 3 may be inching closer to “actual reality”.

According to sources close to The DisInsider, a Tron sequel with Jared Leto is still in the works and a director search is now underway. Despite reports to the contrary, no official confirmation from Disney has been reported at this time.

Earlier this year, a Tron series by director John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) for Disney+ was shelved. Today’s news makes the cancellation of the streaming series make more sense now, with a possible switch from the small screen to the big screen in the future. A new film does make sense for Disney at this point, who will be debuting a Tron-inspired roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom Park in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

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