Ron Marz and Ron Lim Team Again for New Adam Warlock Saga in ‘Warlock: Rebirth’

Following last year’s Silver Surfer: Rebirth retro series, Ron Marz and Ron Lim will once again head out into the Marvel galaxy with a brand new mini-series this April starring Adam Warlock. 

Like Silver Surfer: Rebirth, the five issue series is set in the character’s early days, and will retell his Warlock’s origins (for all those looking to read up on the character before his MCU debut in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in May).

In addition to the trip down memory lane, Marz and Lim will also introduce a new character with ties to the legacy and future of Warlock.

Marz is excited to be working with Lim again and said that “Ron and I had such a great time on our Surfer series, accepting the invitation to come back and do more was a no-brainer. The cosmic end of the Marvel Universe is a wonderful playground, and we’ve got some great toys, including Gamora and Pip and Doctor Strange. There are definitely some sequel threads to what we did in Silver Surfer: Rebirth, but we’re making sure this Warlock series stands on its own. Who knows, maybe a shiny guy on a surfboard will show up too.”

Check out Lim’s cover (also featuring Pip the Troll, Gamora, and Genis-Vell) below and look for the first issue of the new series at your favorite comic shop on April 19.

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