Retro Ben Cooper Adult ‘Star Wars’ Costumes Arrive for Halloween

If you are of a certain age, your Halloween costume traditionally came in a cardboard and cellophane box featuring one of your childhood heroes (or villains), and was usually produced by Ben Cooper.

If you have been yearning for an adult-sized nostalgic trip back to an era when the ill-fitting, barely breathable plastic masks were the prized possession of children across America, Rubies is putting that old Ben Cooper license to good use with a pair of Star Wars favorites: Darth Vader and Yoda.

Each vintage-style costume (which are Target exclusives and retail for $25.00) comes in a collectible box and naturally includes a plastic, vacform mask and smock, featuring either Vader or Yoda.

If they are successful, Rubies has future plans for costumes featuring Marvel and DC superheroes, as well as Universal Monsters.

Look for the Star Wars boxes at your local Target starting this week.

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