New Novels Featuring Domino and Heimdall Coming from Marvel and Aconyte Books in October

Aconyte Books and Marvel have teamed up for a series of prose novels featuring a host of Marvel heroes, starting with X-Force’s Domino and the guardian of Asgard’s rainbow bridge, Heimdall, this October.

According to the official press release, Domino will kick open the door of “The Heroines line” in a novel by Tristan Palmgren called Strays. The new novel finds Domino trying to come to grips with her fractured past and her origins at Project Armageddon, a super-soldier program that gave her powers and also destroyed her family.

Palmgren was excited to take up Domino’s story and “…especially loved finding Domino’s voice, her acid sense of humour, but most especially the way she’s unafraid to act in ways other heroes don’t see as heroic. Domino understands the difference between a principled decision and the right decision, and she’ll go for right over principled every day. Even when it costs her.”

In a completely different section of the Marvel Universe, author Richard Lee Byers recounts the adventures of a young Heimdall in The Head of Mimir. The story focuses on a time period before Heimdall was the all-seeing, all-knowing sage that fans know from comics and MCU films, as he struggles to prove himself and defend Asgard against the Frost Giants. Heimdal (accompanied by his wise sister Lady Sif) takes on a mission to retrieve the severed head of Mimir, one of the objects that Asgardians use to protect the city in the stars.

Byers is well-aware that “Heimdall’s a pretty important guy in Marvel’s vision of Asgard, but the comics haven’t yet revealed a great deal about his background. That’s especially true of his early days, which makes them fertile ground for a writer. I’m hoping Marvel fans would like to know what launched this dude on the path that ended with him being the All-Seer of the Rainbow Bridge.”

Both novels will be available in trade paperback, ebook and audiobook formats, and will be released on October 6, 2020.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for more updates on this new line of novels from Aconyte Books and Marvel and check out the covers below.

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