‘Morbius’ Fails to Generate Morbillions in Re-Release at Weekend Box Office

Although many on social media were happy to proclaim that “Morbin’ Time” was back this weekend, only a small amount of Morb-Maniacs made their way to the theater to say goodbye to the film that launched a Morbillion memes.

Morbius managed to add $300,000 to its total, which seems paltry next to box office champ Top Gun: Maverick (which generated $86 million in its second weekend of release), but adding anything to its total at this point is a bonus.

It’s hard to believe that Sony actually believed that thousands of people having a laugh at Jared Leto’s expense would rush to the theater to support their joke, so maybe they were ok with adding a little more to the film’s bottom line and at the same time promote Morbius’ upcoming blu-ray release on June 14 and current streaming availability.

And speaking of Leto, the actor even got into the act (to the chagrin of online jokesters everywhere) by posting a “script reveal”.

Will Morbius become a midnight movie cult-classic in the vein of Rocky Horror or El Topo? Probably not, but time will tell…

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