LEGO Releases New Batman, Joker, Batmobile Sets

LEGO just debuted three new sets which are sure to please fans of every era of Batman’s legacy. Their new lineup for April, 2021 ranges from sets kids will want to play with to a cowl that collectors will want to sit on their shelves.

The Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile features the vehicle from the 1960s live action television series and includes minifigures of Batman and the Joker. Fans who are looking for a more modern take on Batman’s wheels can opt for the Batman vs. The Joker: Batmobile Chase set, which adds a minifigure of Batgirl on a skateboard, a bank vault, and an escape vehicle for the Joker.

The premiere piece from this month’s offerings is a buildable, bust-like cowl for the caped crusader. The Batman Cowl includes a LEGO Batman name plaque and it consists of 410 pieces.

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