John Romita Jr. Returns to ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

John Romita Jr. returns as the full time artist on Amazing Spider-Man, just in time for the wall-crawler’s 60th anniversary.

Romita Jr. will join Zeb Wells for a brand new number one issue and a brand new story arc that explodes out of the recent Spider-Man: Beyond storyline.

Romita Jr. is excited to be back on a Spider-Man series, and is also looking forward to working with Wells, saying that “Marvel has allowed me to get back to work on this amazing character, and work with another brilliant writer, Zeb Wells! The stories are stunning and I am reading the scripts with a grin and wonderment…..then wondering how the heck to do them justice!!”

Wells says that he has waited his “…entire career to work with John Romita Jr.” and their debut issue begins with a disgraced Spidey without any superhero allies and the unfortunate attention of a few of his rogue’s gallery including Doctor Octopus and Tombstone.

Romita Jr. is also excited to work with inker Scott Hanna once again, as they have “…worked on this character before and Scott is still a brilliant artist who will continue to be brilliant, lucky for me and anyone who looks at the art.”

Look for Amazing Spider-Man #1 on April 27 at your local comic shop.

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