Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar Return to the Hyborian Age for ‘King Conan’ Mini-Series

Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Matt Wilson kicked off Conan’s triumphant return to Marvel Comics in 2019 and they are now ready to sail back to Aquilonia to share the tale of the last day’s of the warrior/king this December.

The six issue mini-series, according to Aaron, begins in “…a pivotal moment in Conan’s life as a king, as a father, as a mortal enemy of snake-worshipping Stygian wizards and as a barbarian who was born to chase the wind, even to the ends of the earth.”

Aaron calls his recent run on Conan the Barbarian “…one of the absolute personal highlights from my career as a comic book writer, that I wasn’t done hanging out with everyone’s favorite Cimmerian. As King Conan rode into the sunset at the end of that story, with his son, Prince Conn, by his side, I always knew where I wanted that story to take us next.”

Asrar is more than ready to put his pen to paper for the new series, saying that “It’s criminal how much I’m enjoying drawing each panel in this book considering what we’re putting him through.”

Look for King Conan #1 on December 22 in comic shops everywhere (and you can check out the “uncredited” cover below) and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your Conan news.

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