J.M. Dematteis and Todd Nauck Share a Tale From Magneto’s Tenure as Headmaster of Xavier’s School in New Mini-Series

J.M. DeMatteis and Todd Nauck go back in time for another retro X-Men adventure set in the era when Magneto ran the School for Gifted Youngsters this August.

Magneto initial reform coincided with his leadership of the New Mutants (and a pure 80s purple and silver ensemble), giving the misunderstood leader an opportunity to atone for some of his previous transgressions.

The new story introduces a new adversary named Irae who takes her inspiration from Magneto’s previous incarnation.

DeMatteis called the “Master of Magnetism” one of the “…most complex character in the Marvel Universe: a man of dizzying contradictions who has endured, and caused, extraordinary suffering. Who’s been both villain and hero. Whose long, tangled history invites endless exploration.”

For Nauck, the new series allows him to explore the time period “When I started reading Marvel comics as a kid, Magneto had just taken over as headmaster of the Xavier School and overseeing the New Mutants. Our new Magneto series taps into that deep fandom for me.

Nauck also brushed up on his old favorites “During the pandemic, I had done a reread of the 100 issue run of the original New Mutants series (plus spin-offs, specials, and annuals) for fun. So when I got the opportunity to join this Magneto creative team, I was more than ready to tackle art duties for this all-new Magneto/New Mutants adventure! Each New Mutant has such a distinct look and unique personality. Their friendship and camaraderie are so much fun to convey. And Magneto’s struggle to fill Xavier’s shoes and challenges he faces in trying to mentor these kids make for great dramatic and emotional moments to draw.”

Look for the first issue of the five-issue mini-series at your local comic shop on August 2 and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage and retro comic news.

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