Beta Ray Bill Returns in Daniel Warren Johnson’s New Limited Series this March

Beta Ray Bill debuted in The Mighty Thor #337 back in 1983 (literally smashing Thor’s logo) and the character has only grown in popularity since his entry into the Marvel Universe.

Fans of the original “alien Thor” will be excited to learn that a brand-new limited series written and drawn by Daniel Warren Johnson (Wonder-Woman: Dead EarthMurder FalconExtremity) will be rocketing out of the cosmos and into your favorite comic book shop this March.

Spinning directly out of the events of the current Thor series and Marvel’s current “Knullified” crossover King in Black, Johnson’s new series finds Beta Ray searching for a replacement for his famous hammer Stormbreaker (remember when the hammer of Thor was nigh indestructible?) and his journey takes him smack dab into a Knullified Fin Fang Foom.

The new series is a dream project for Johnson, who says that “Beta Ray Bill is literally my favorite Marvel character, so it’s a dream come true, and there are images in this book I’ve been wanting to illustrate for years. It’s even more exciting that I get to write this series in the context of the current Thor universe. There’s a lot to unpack with Beta Ray and I can’t wait to share my story with you all.”

Current Thor writer Donny Cates praised Johnson’s upcoming series, stating that “This Beta Ray Bill book that Dan has built is special. And beautiful and heartfelt and chainsaw-razorblade-guitar-riff-to-your-bones metal. It is, in fact, what I always knew Dan would be doing. I couldn’t be more proud, and more excited, for him to unleash this book on you. You aren’t ready.”

And if you need any more reason to pick up this special oversized first issue, it will also contain an exclusive conversation with Johnson and Beta Ray Bill’s creator, Walter Simonson.

Check out Simonson’s variant cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of the Thor news you can handle.

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