Batman Gets a New Suit in the Upcoming ‘Joker War’

Well, let’s just say we hope that the Dark Knight doesn’t need to go out at night in DC Comics new Batman event “Joker War”. With a suit that bright, the clown prince of Gotham will spot Batman from a mile away!

Writer James Tynion IV told Syfy Wire recently that “This is the Batman that Batman has been building himself towards, that he thinks is sort of his own happy ending. And this story is very much about Joker seeing the happy ending that Batman wanted to build for himself and destroying all of the pieces that would be necessary to build himself that happy ending.”

It doesn’t appear that Batman will don the new super-suit until the concluding chapter of “Joker War”, which culminates with issue #100. While many fans were “surprised’ by the new shiny outfit, don’t expect the look to last (just ask Spidey about temporary costume changes). It appears that Bruce Wayne is forced to adopt the new armor once he reaches his wits end.

The “Joker War” story arc begins in Batman #95, which goes on sale this Wednesday The issue is written by Tynion IV, with art and a cover by Jorge Jimenez. The series will naturally cross-over into Detective Comics, starting in issue #1025, written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Kenneth Rocafort. Detective #1025 goes on sale on August 11.

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